Golden Mango

Vietnam Origin

Nutrition and variety

ShapeOvate with sharp-pointed tip
Weight 250-600 g
ColourGolden yellow skin; deep yellow flesh
TasteSweet and fragrant
Sweetness15-17 degree brix
NutritionRich of vitamin A, C, dietary fiber and Beta Carotene.
Storage 2-3 weeks at 10-13°C, 58-90% RH
SeasonAvailable all year round; peak in March-May

Know Your Mangoes

There are many variety of mangoes in Thailand, with Nam Dok Mai being the most famous one due to its sweetness and floral notes. Regardless, other varieties also have its own uniqueness that should not be missed.

We have made a chart of some of the popular Thai mangoes so you can distinguish them apart. We actually sell more varieties than is listed on this website, all of which depends on the seasonality. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!


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